Storage Unit Sizing Requirements

What size storage unit do you need?

This is without doubt the most frequently asked question we encounter at Drovers Self Storage. Most people don’t think in terms of volumetric or cubic quantities, so when they try to figure out how many square metres their belongings will occupy when stored, their brains go a little bit fuzzy.

That’s OK! You don’t need to know how it works! Here at Drovers Self Storage, we take all the confusion away and make it nice and simple for you.
Check out the table below. It will give you an overview of typical storage requirements and the related storage areas needed for each scenario.
Please note: The values outlined in the table are averages based on our years of experience in the industry. Every storage job is different, so we advise you to use the table as a guide and to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail for a more accurate evaluation.

Typical ContentsUnit Size (m²)
Small 3-bedroom house OR Small Domestic Unit10m² - 12.5m²
3 or 4 bedroom house +Car +Small Garage15m² - 18m²
3 or 4 larger bedroom house19m² - 22m²
Larger home +Car +Boat Double Garage24m² - 27m²
Large Home +Car +Large Boat40m² - 45m²
Single Garage18m²
Double Garage36m²
20ft Container14m²